Desktop/Server Applications

InventoryExpert: This is an Inventory Control System - For Retail Store a Complete MIS SYSTEM [With Customer Support System, Financial Management System , Inventory Control System Including Sales, Purchase, Bills Receivable and Payable, Income and Expense maintenance] With 14 Useful Reports created in crystal report. It has been developed by considering all real time business transactions. It store Customer Information so that it can be referred later on that helps in Customer Support System. When you perform any purchase or sales transaction, it automatically updates inventory and you can have current stock report. You can also issue bills to customer from this software as soon as you issue sales transaction. It also have reminder that reminds you on Due bills which is in ALWAYS-ON mode. You can also take back up of your database and restore it if needed. You can also manage your day to day miscellaneous incomes and expenses in this application. It also provides feature so that you can send messages to other Computers in your network. This system provides 14 different Reports so that you can have better analysis. It also shows you each month’s profit and loss in chart.
This system is designed for different types of user - 1. Administrator 2. Operator.
Administrator can set security policy for operator through separate security form. Each user can also change their passwords.
This application also mainitains Log in time and log out time of operator so that you can administrator and determine when operator has made an entry.

HospitalWizi: This is a fully computerized Hospital Management System. The application contains all functionality used in the Hospitals - In Patients / Out Patients, Pharmacy System, Employee Management System, etc.

BotiqueSquare: This is a an application that can henlp the boutique owner to manage their clothes inventory, sales etc. This uses the MS Acess database and substitution encryption/decryption technique to hide passwords of users. After loggin in you can create, delete, edit a user. The application has a control panel giving options like: Clothes (add, edit, delete), Customers(add edit,delete) and clothes sales. Apart from normal sales, some times customers give advance or sometimes they have dues. To solve this problem you can use customers tab to account those. Report can be genrated using this application. There are three default reports included: Selling & income, Losses & profits and Customers Reports.

CodeLib: CodeLib is a database-kind of program that stores codesnippets, functions and subs to make programming easier. Excellent application for the programmers. We have taken care of the layout of the forms, and it uses my award winning T3D-function. All that one has to do is - Select a code, function or sub, put it on the clipboard (with a button !), go to your VB-project and paste (ctrl/V) the code where you want it. Created a new reusable code? Start up the CodeLib and add it to the database. Want to replace a certain code with a better one? Want to rename a code? Want to move a code to a different category? Want to delete a code? Want to add a help-file? Want to add some notes to a code? Want to EDIT a code? Want to print the code? Want to print the helpfile? COdeLib is the answer to all your question!

HRSys: This application is for Human Resource Management and all about maintaining Employee records. This software enables an user to generate I-Cards, Payslips, Attendance Slips, Profit and Loss Analysis and much more. Great stuff for HR professionals.

CoolCC: This is a exciting application for Cyber Cafe management. The entire process is automatic; you can manage upto 28 clients in a network using this software. Users are shown the time left and other information in their screen. They are also assigned username and random password for authentification

PRCSman: This is a Personal Reloadable Card System that uses reloadable card (which can be the user's ID) instead of cash. This program supports three terminals: Accounting (reloading and managing accounts), Bookstore and Canteen (actual sales transaction). You can also use a barcode scanner in inputting ID of the account or itemcodes.

ResturantMan: This is a Resturant Management System. It has a number of functionality. From the master menu you can make entry for Receipe, Waiter, Customer, Table details, Stock details, Vendor and also Transaction details. You can make the entry for Order placement, Table booking, Purchase item, Bill generation, Customer satisfaction, Purchase return, Inspection of inventory, Scrap bill, Waiter salary, and a lot more. It's a complete restaurent inventry cum management system.

ExpiSys: This is an expenditure management system that has been designed for small offices, retail shops, work shops or any other business to keep track of monthly/yearly expenditure title wise (head of account against which the expenditure has been made ). This application can help you maintain your expenses both home and office related very easily. You also have the option to generate reports.