Software/Web QA Solution

Blue Men Technology offers a whole gamut of independent outsourced testing services to companies across the globe. Our service offerings include:

  • Centralized test tools repository for easy access to testing tools
  • Dedicated product testing lab with ready infrastructure
  • Independent verification & validation group
  • Robust product test cycle model for test case executions
  • Test strategy (competition, market, internal and external calendars)

Blue Men Technology provide a wide range of standalone and web application testing services, from independent software QA consulting to business solutions testing. Blue Men Technology employs a team of professionals who specialise in different domains.

In executing a Testing project, our Testing engineers follow a systematic procedure that comprises:

  • Test planning
  • Test case development
  • Automation
  • Acceptance testing for code developed under contract with 3rd party
  • Stress testing
  • Application maintenance (quick fix engineering; service packs)
  • Reverse engineering of applications with undocumented code
  • File-i/o, including remote storage
  • Printing and imaging
  • Compatibility with new or down-level required hardware
  • Compatibility with s/w platforms and environments

Blue Men Technology Testing Services:

Software Testing Automation: Dedicated software QA team develops automated tests either participating or not in testing process.
Web Application Testing: Usability testing, web application, security testing, compatibility testing, web-testing, etc.
Standalone Software Testing: User interface testing, functional and regression, instalation, load, stress, performance testing, etc.

Outsourcing your project testing to Blue Men Technology will give you the following advantages:

  • Reduce project risk
  • Minimize your software project implementation cost up to 60%
  • Save expenses on staff, infrastructure and training
  • Adjust your software to be client-friendly, bug-free and adequate to your business needs

Blue Men Technology offers flexible co-operation models beneficial both for software companies and business owners software buyers. For software companies, co-operation with our company results in creation of dedicated QA team equipped with a wide range of different technologies and environments. For business owners that outsource their projects to remote software development companies, the independent software testing services cover software quality control process, which results in transparent project development and high-quality product. We study your business processes and speak the language of your business and industry professionally.