Web Applications

ExamBuilder: This is a online quizzing application pulling question from question bank database. It also has a very useful set of administrator tools where in the admin can create new new Exams, monitor students performance generate reports and update question bank database.

OutlookPlus: Intranet/Internet database application complete with chat, message boards, email, contacts lists, project management, monthly planner with full administration capabilities on any standards-compliant browser including Opera, IE4+, and NN4+.

Project Manager+: Project Manager+ is a web-based Project Management Application that organizes, prioritizes, and keeps track of any outstanding projects you may have. This is an advanced file system that is a must for coders who have many tasks for many projects that they must keep organized, and track the amount of time spent on a problem. The application is compatible with MS-Access and MS-SQL Server, and may be extended to Oracle, MySQL, and others.

Easy ShopCart: A a complete ASP shopping cart. It has login, register and retrieve password functions built in.This also has a function that when you submit the order it e-mails it to an e-mail address specified in the file and also e-mails the user thanking them. It has a complete shopping cart, you find the item you like by browsing through the catogories, select it, click add to cart then select the quanitity(use the calculator to see how much it's going to cost) then click add. The product is added and is now in your cart!

BugTrackila: Web-based Bug Tracking system ASP and ASP.NET/C#. Great application for assigning and tracking issues during software development process. Powerful, Issue Manager features: - Secure, multi-level web access via login authentication - Issue assignment by person, priority and status - Full text search - Comprehensive, sortable issue grid with summary by status - Bookmarks for rapid access to commonly used queries - Issue history tracking - each response is individually tracked - Single click export of selected records to MS Excel - Color-coded priorities with custom color setup - Fully customizable look and feel via HTML templates and Cascading Style Sheets - Full compatibility with all web browsers - Support for ALL databases, including MS SQL, MS Access, etc.

WorkOrder Processor: Creates workorders for a IT center. Is designed specifically for ISDN and T1 installations. You may do what you wish with the code.

CallTrackerZ: Customer Care/ Help Desk application with call log system, Inbuilt Authentication and Tracking system for excellent project Managment. It is a complete customer service/tech support issue entry and completion system, which greatly facilitates the use of remote service employees. A call comes in, gets logged by a local user, gets taken by a remote user, resolved or passed on, then can be viewed from history. Report writing capabilities show how much work has been done by a user, and for a customer. Keep track of whether remote users are logged in or not.